Big Data

With increasing hardware performance and sophisticated hardware / software solutions (Engineered Systems or In-Memory Data Management), the management and analysis of Big Data are increasingly gaining importance. Conventional operational data is hereby extended by enormous amounts of data that are obtained by sensors, cameras, cyber-physical systems, or from social networks. Big Data requires new ways of capturing, storing, intelligent analysis and result visualization. For this purpose, PROMATIS provides sophisticated methods and best practice solutions based on the Oracle platform.

Big Data Management

With an extensive portfolio of high-performance, flexibly scalable products, available both on premise and in the cloud, and continued high innovation, Oracle has gained a market-leading position in Big Data Management. PROMATIS recommends itself as your partner for Big Data with experience in Oracle Big Data Appliance, Big Data SQL, NoSQL Database and Big Data Connectors for connecting Apache Hadoop to the Oracle database. Our offer also extends to the integration of Big Data with Oracle Data Integrator or Golden Gate.

Big Data Analytics

Apart from the proven Oracle Business Analytics technologies, dedicated tools and techniques are available for Big Data. Big Data Discovery provides the business user with an intuitive, visual interface for business analysis on Hadoop data. For Apache Hadoop and NoSQL databases also graph and spatial analytics are offered, which allow to track causal and spatial relationships and relationship patterns between customers, organizations, facilities and so on. Advanced Analytics with Oracle R Enterprise and Oracle Data Mining extend analysis capabilities by statistical analysis and data mining.

Big Data Applications

In addition to methodological and technological expertise, PROMATIS experts bring in their experience with big data environments and applications. More and more applications of the Oracle portfolio can be found in Big Data models and embedded Big Data analytics: Oracle Data as a Service, Social Cloud, Talent Management Cloud and industry-specific applications such as Enterprise Healthcare Analytics and Data Raker for utilities.