Oracle‘s Top Software „out of the box“

For decades, the market leader Oracle convinces with particularly powerful software. And in many fields of information processing Oracle is at the forefront of innovation over and over again. But the very high rate of innovation in conjunction with the rapid expansion of its product portfolio makes it difficult for customers to keep up. Yet, customers want to benefit optimally from the Oracle portfolio performance. How is that possible? A typical application for PROMATIS Appliances!

Optimal Product Mix + Best Practice + Demand-meeting Services

Unique in the market, the combination of business process expertise as well as Oracle application and technology expertise of the PROMATIS experts form the basis of PROMATIS Appliances. It creates a solid knowledge base to put together the best solution package for a given business problem a customer might have. The appliance is created by generalizing these solution packages for a clearly defined target group. The core of the appliance is a perfect mix of top Oracle software combined with best practice models. Based on proven process models customized services ensure a fast software implementation. Because only a professional and easy to implement solution unlocks the full potential.

Current Appliance Product Portfolio

The PROMATIS Appliance product portfolio continuously adapts to the realities of the market. Current economic issues are the drivers of development. What business problems occupy our focused target groups? And which product is suitable to solve these problems? Against this background, we currently offer the following appliances:

  • BI Appliance
    Enterprise-wide reporting and multidimensional online analysis.
    Core product: Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Standard Edition One
  • BPM Appliance
    Design, implementation and monitoring of business processes.
    Core product: Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g
  • ECM Appliance
    Flexible support for document-oriented business processes.
    Core product: Oracle WebCenter Content 11g