GDPR: A wake-up call and challenge for IT security

Well thought-out concepts and legally compliant implementation with PROMATIS!

Ettlingen, April 18, 2018 – The countdown is on: On May 25, 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union comes into force. This Europe-wide law requires adjustments at a national level, which are reflected in innovations of the Federal Data Protection Act. This affects both individuals and companies. But what does that mean for every single company? Which areas are affected and where is an acute need for action? Time is short, because from the deadline the non-compliance with the requirements means high fines. PROMATIS — the specialist in intelligent business processes and Oracle applications, cloud service and technology competence from a single source — has been working on data protection issues for a long time and intensively, helping companies to implement and comply with the European GDPR guidelines.

According to an IDC study* conducted in November 2017, 44% of companies in Germany are not prepared for the new data protection regulation and are not really worried about the changes they face. But now is time to actively engage with the topic: The new GDPR contains 99 articles, which, with more than 170 comments, poses a complex and highly comprehensive compendium that has to be implemented in every company. The aim of this work is to ensure a uniform data protection law within the EU, and in particular to strengthen the rights and control possibilities in the collection and processing of personal data. For companies, this means increased transparency as well as a comprehensive information obligation with regard to the handling of data. And these requirements are binding, as non-compliance fines are substantial and add up to four percent of a company’s worldwide turnover.

So not only are organizational steps such as data collection affected, but also the transparent presentation of all relevant processes and the adaptation of all technical devices and software. The operational, technical, organizational and legal requirements of the new GDPR require safe concepts from companies.

The strategic partners Oracle, PROMATIS and Horus have developed a concept that supports companies in implementing and complying with the European GDPR guidelines. They are based on a large number of Oracle Database security technologies and products, which can be evaluated according to the weak points and be seamlessly integrated into existing applications. The knowledge bases by the strategic partner Horus offer support here. Relevant templates can be selected from a large number of standard processes and can be adapted individually. This methodology reduces the effort required to legally implement the GDPR both during implementation and during ongoing operation.

The partners’ long-standing cooperation and the complete integration of the complementary products systematically analyze the GDPR requirements for transparency, minimized data, information and disclosure obligations as well as adherence to security regulations and data deletion processes, and adapt them to company-specific needs. The result is the lawful treatment of all personal data within the company. Interested companies can find out about PROMATIS’ holistic solutions in a free webinar on May 17, 2018 at 11:00 am (MESZ) for Europe and 10:00 am West Coast (GMT-5) for USA.

Trend Sheet: GDPR: A wake-up call and challenge for IT security