Human Capital Management goes digital

Our world is changing – in no time, life and work have turned digital. Personal managers play a key role in that process: they are moderators and designers in the digital transformation process of the business and have to react increasingly to the changed conditions of the accelerated working world. Nine out of ten interviewed CEOs and personnel managers find that especially digitalization is the most important future task of human capital management. That is the result of the current survey “Rethinking HR” which has been created in first collaboration of strategy consultants The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), personnel consultants Egon Zehnder, Quadriga Hochschule Berlin as well as the Bundesverband der Personalmanager (BPM). The survey identifies the four areas that need to be the focus of personnel managers in times of technological change:

  • The design of the entire organization
  • The design of the work done on the inferfaces between teams, people and machines
  • The sustainable support and development of employees
  • The design of Human Capital Management processes

These points lead to important measures that need to be taken in order to secure the future ability of personnel management. Personnel managers need to increasingly consider themselves the designers of digitalization and actively manage the cultural change. At the same time, they should also use the tools of digitalization for their own work. With the help of simple digital tools, the aim is to efficiently organize business processes becoming more complex. According to the survey, an automatized personnel management as well as the use of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) in addition can make personnel work significantly easier. In doing so, it is important to meet the following challenges:

  • Automatization of all operative HCM processes
  • A stronger integration of the HR function in business processes and an improved establishment with regard to qualifications and resources
  • A collection and optimization of business-relevant and HCM-obtained information for optimal analysis

Regarding these challenges it is worth taking a look at the use of modern Oracle Cloud products. The Market leader Oracle offers modern solutions to meet these challenges in a sustainable way. From recruiting to onboarding and the general HCM management processes, up to the involvement and satisfaction of employees, Oracle business applications control all HCM process in their entirety. With consistent analysis options, they provide an optimal foundation for strategic decision making.

„Employee Journey“ as the most important tool in personnel management

In this context, the term “Employee Journey” comes up again and again. Modern human capital management stands for the consequent orientation towards employee processes in the business. The comprehensive solution provided by Oracle takes all the individual steps of the “employee journey” into account. This way, all employees undergo different steps in their careers and on their way encounter so-called “touchpoints” with the business, for example: the first day of work, the first interview with the supervisor, or saying goodbye at the end of the employment contract. All of these touchpoints affect the way the employee perceives and internalizes the business, its philosophy, ideology, and mentality. In order to understand and improve the attitude of the employee, it is essential to learn exactly where the touchpoints of employee and business are to be found, and in what way the employee perceives them. This way, the consequences of these touchpoints affect the actions of every employee and determine whether the employee should stay in the company or resign.

Figure 1: The Employee Journey

The solution – modern personnel management in the cloud

The Oracle HCM Cloud supports companies all along their entire employee journeys and ensures that Oracle applications are equally intuitive, meaningful and available – anywhere, at all times and on all platforms. Current forms of international and networked collaboration within teams receive optimal support. A unique, coordinated architecture of the Oracle HCM Cloud can collate business- and person-related data in comprehensive and impressing reports. Extensive and proactive insights and analysis become possible and increase the quality of data-driven decision making processes. The Oracle HCM Cloud provides companies with the benefits of a comprehensive personnel administration -, talent management – and social recruiting solutions. From international collaboration to creating predictions for performance and staff retention – the Oracle HCM Cloud supports all aspects of modern personnel work.

Author: Marion Jörg
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