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Group-Wide Process Optimization and Automation with the Oracle E-Business Suite! 

The Tele Columbus Group is the third largest German cable network operator and since 1985 a successful multimedia and telecommunications provider. Around 3.6 million connected households are being supplied with TV signals by Tele Columbus and more and more customers are being provided with digital program packages, internet access, and telephone connections via the high-performance broadband cable. In addition, Tele Columbus has expanded its product range with its own mobile communications offering and today Tele Columbus offers all multimedia services from a single source. As a national provider with a regional focus and as a partner to the housing industry, the group is present throughout Germany, with a particular focus on the eastern German states.

The company is expanding its networks in a hybrid fiber-optic structure as needed, relying on the DOCSIS internet transmission standard, which, in the latest version, will enable ultra-fast internet connections at up to 1 gigabyte per second. From analog, digital and high-definition television to high-speed internet and telephony, telemetry services, tenant portals, and interactive services, all innovative media applications can be provided over the broadband cable. Tele Columbus does not limit their service to the simple forwarding of signals but works on its own product platform to actively expand the range of programs and the development of additional services. Since October 2017, the Tele Columbus Group presents itself with a new name, redesigned brand and a unique product concept under the PŸUR brand.

The Tele Columbus Group was formed from the merger of individual regional cable network operators and thus has a company history dating back to 1972. With the acquisitions of Primacom and Pepcom in recent years, the Tele Columbus Group faced the challenge of creating a uniform system landscape for all locations. The system selection carried out by a well-known management consultancy for the new parent group considered two scenarios: “Green Field” or “Brown Field” with the Oracle E-Business Suite. The decision was ultimately made in favor of the Oracle E-Business Suite, which was already successfully used by Primacom. As PROMATIS had already been known as a competent partner for the implementation of Oracle applications from previous projects at Primacom, the specialist for intelligent business processes with Oracle Applications, with cloud service and technology expertise, was also brought on board for the project “oneERP” in January 2016.

Initially, a several-month analysis and planning phase took place, in which the standard processes of the Oracle E-Business Suite were compared with the target processes at the Tele Columbus Group. The identified requirements were recorded and transferred to a project plan. In order to fulfill this task, various adjustments of the system setup were made and customizations were developed. For example, a Central Procurement Organization (CPO) was set up to manage the central materials warehouse. All clients order their goods at the CPO and the system automatically creates the appropriate inter-company invoices. Furthermore, interfaces were created with the external logistics service provider, who physically manages the central material warehouse. These interfaces are used to process orders and goods issues from the warehouse.

Another challenge was the migration of data from the systems of the original companies. Despite a very tight schedule of 4 months, PROMATIS successfully migrated 27 clients. A total of approx. 160 million individual bookings and approx. 3.6 million entries from older systems were transferred to the Oracle E-Business Suite. This was realized by means of PROMATIS Best Practice solutions for finance and accounting. These are functional extensions and adaptations of Oracle applications. They were developed directly in practice for practice and can be installed without risk. At Tele Columbus, tools such as the Extractor GoBD, E-Balance, LockBox and SEPA payment formats were used. The Horus Knowledge Bases form the starting point for streamlining or reengineering of business processes and the efficient implementation of new software in the Tele Columbus project. The reference models contained in the Knowledge Bases include more than 20 years of project experience – thus, Tele Columbus benefits from the constant development of the Knowledge Bases.

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