PROMATIS Best Practice Solutions: Tools

Tools available for Oracle E-Business Suite Rel. 11i, 12, and Oracle ERP Cloud

  • Payment Formats Tools
    This PROMATIS extension provides support for different payment formats, such as domestic and international EFT (Electronic file Transfer) and SEPA. Invoice number, invoice date and batch number are transferred to the banks. These information can be used to reconcile bank statement lines.
  • LockBox
    The PROMATIS LockBox supports the automatic creation and allocation with customer receipts and other receipts. Bank statements will be automatically imported; receipts based on rules are generated and possibly associated to customer invoices.
  • GoBD Exporting Tool
    Java application providing all journals from General Ledger with lots of information coming from the relevant sub-ledgers (e.g. customer number, invoice number, invoice date for Accounts Receivables transactions) and master data (customers, vendors, chart of accounts, open balances) in a GoBD-compliant format. This data can be directly imported in the standard tool IDEA of our partner Audicon.
  • Migration Exporter/Importer
    Universal, convenient tool for data extraction in the context of data migration (master data and transaction data) for many applications, e.g. within new implementations, master data management, data quality management, and so on. The tool provides preconfigured extraction routines for numerous migration objects from the fields of financials and supply chain management of the Oracle EBS R11i/R12, among others:

    Clients: Open and completed customer transactions
    Suppliers: Open and completed supplier transactions
    Annexes: Purchase requisitions, purchase orders (open and completed)

    The Migration Exporter / Importer can be expanded flexibly, supplied extraction routines can be expanded and new ones added. Productivity gains can be achieved not only with data migration, but also in the provision of targeted real test data in various phases of the project.

  • E-Balance Sheet Generator
    PROMATIS E-Balance Sheet Generator meets all functional and technical requirements for the electronic transmission of a tax statement in XBRL format as stipulated. Information required , e.g. for the sectors “balance sheet”, „Profit and loss”, and “cashflow statement” can be exported from the general ledger (GL). The core of PROMATIS E-Balance is the “White-Label-Product” Opti.Tax of hsp Handels-Software-Partner GmbH.
  • Provision Account – Costs without corporate income tax
    This PROMATIS adaptation prevents postings in the provisions account for costs without corporate income tax. The number of account combinations as well as allocations at the end of the month will be reduced to a minimum.
  • Auto Accounting
    The PROMATIS Auto Accounting is an adaptation of the revenue accounting rules that are applied when you import customer invoices and credit notes. Deviating from Oracle Standard, Chart of Accounts (CoA) segment information are taken on from different sources (e.g., Descriptive FlexFields). For example, for a sales order line, a separate revenue account can be automatically selected per each tax code.
  • COGS workflow customization
    The PROMATIS COGS Adjustment is an adjustment of the manufacturing costs posting rules that are applied during the shipping process. Deviating from the Oracle standards, segment information of the posting key are not copied from the item master data, but also from other sources.
  • E-Business Suite Setup-Management
    With the products of PROMATIS partner ConfigSnapshot, you can manage and compare the setup of different EBS instances. For example: Comparison of productive and test instance. In addition, setup documentations of Excel or Word reports can be created automatically and merged to complete system documentations.
  • Adaptation of posting keys, calendars and restructuring clients
    With the products by the PROMATIS partners eprentise, changes in posting keys, calendars, and the restructuring of clients can be made in existing installations of the Oracle E-Business Suite. These adjustments are not possible with the standard functionality of Oracle EBS.
  • Converting and loading bulk data into the Oracle E-Business Suite
    The appLOAD suite by the PROMATIS partner Chain-Sys makes it easy to convert and load bulk data into the Oracle E-Business Suite without any programming. With predefined templates in various formats almost all current finance and logistics business objects are supported.
  • Report Enrichment
    This PROMATIS solution completes Oracle E-Business Suite standard reports, for example, created with Oracle Reports. The special feature: When you add missing fields the Oracle source code will not be changed. The generated file will be added by missing fields in the XML structure before it will be passed to the BI Publisher.
  • SEPA Extension
    SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is the consistent euro payment area for credit transfers, direct debits and card payments. The current national payment procedures for credit transfers and direct debits in Euros will be replaced by the SEPA payment procedure based on the legal foundation of EU Regulation No. 260/2012 (“SEPA migration regulation”) in February 1, 2014. As Oracle does not support the current German SEPA Version ZKA 2.5 (NOV 2010: pain.001.002.03.xsd, valid thru NOV 2012 – based on EPC Rulebook 4.0) PROMATIS provides the appropriate extension.
  • UVA ELSTER Interface
    PROMATIS UVA Interface meets all functional and technical requirements for the electronic transmission of a VAT return. With the UVA Generator tax-relevant information can be exported from the general ledger (GL) and subsequent with only one click data are transferred to ELSTER.
  • ZM ELSTER Interface
    PROMATIS ZM Interface meets all functional and technical requirements for the electronic transmission of a recapitulative statement (ZM) return. Using the standard report Sales Listing (XML) including tax-relevant information, data are transferred to ELSTER with only one click.